Best-ever Spaghetti Bolognese


There’s Spaghetti Bolognese and there’s Spaghetti Bolognese. There’s the store bought variety (really – what is even in it?), the takeaway variety (tasty but usually minimal veg). There’s the Thermomix version (super-fast but super-bland), there’s my mums spag bol which … Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken nuggets

What child doesn’t love to eat Chicken Nuggets? I like the fact that you know exactly what goes into this chicken nuggets recipe (as opposed to processed, store bought and fast food nuggets). These nuggets are pan-fried so they are much healthier than the deep fried variety.
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Chicken Pasta Bake


Nothing beats a good pasta bake. And this Chicken Pasta bake is a taste sensation. The golden crust, bubbling sauce and delicious combination of ingredients is to die for. Click here for the recipe.

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Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic Foods

With the hectic lifestyle of the world today, many of us don’t spend as much time with our families and friends as we would like. A picnic is one of the most enjoyable bonding activities for adults and children alike and can help us reconnect with our families and friends. And it’s not as difficult to organize as you might think. Continue reading

10 Of The Best, Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Handbag

Snacks pics

How many times have you been out and about when the hunger pangs strike and you don’t have a healthy snack readily available? Avoid the situation of reaching for unhealthy foods when hunger strikes by keeping a supply of healthy snacks in your handbag. By keeping something in your handbag at all times – even if you are not hungry, you will be well prepared when the cravings hit.

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Easy Biscuits

Easy Biscuits

These easy biscuits are super simple to make and are versatile in that you can add a range of different toppings and flavours. My kids love sprinkles on top or choc chips stirred through them. I love the bright colours of Smarties and my husband enjoys them with some macadamia nuts mixed through. They are also delicious plain. Continue reading

Spring Pasta


This delightfully light and simple pasta recipe was given to me many years ago by an old colleague and friend, Phil, who was (and still is) a big foodie like me. Back then we would often compare notes on what we had been cooking and what was on the menu that night. Every time I cook this dish it reminds me of him.

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One Pot Lamb

One Pot Lamb

It’s taken me around 6 months and 6 attempts to tweak this slow cooked lamb dish to perfection. I knew it had potential from the first time I made it. It was one pot, it was easy and it tasted so divine. The problem was with the quantities of ingredients. There was originally way too much to fit in my large casserole dish and the mixture was too “wet”. I also wanted to make it an all in one meal so I added some zucchini to make it a healthier and complete dish. Try it and see what you think. Continue reading

Easy Meat Pie

Easy Meat Pie

This recipe can be made a day ahead to provide a terrific standby meal for those days when you are after a hearty family dinner but don’t have much time to cook. With a home cooked meat pie, you know exactly what goes into it which is the thing I love most about them. Continue reading

Prawn & Mushroom Risotto

Prawn Risotto

I could not believe how delicious this risotto was and IT WAS MADE IN THE MICROWAVE!! Yes that’s right. No laborious stirring with this recipe. No way!. Load the ingredients in your microwave bowl then let the microwave do its thing. Continue reading