My Family Meals

Easy Zucchini Fritters

Zucchinni Fritters

One of my 3 sisters lives on a farm in Queensland and she has the most amazing vegetable garden. We are talking IMPRESSIVE. She and her teenage daughters love to pick their fresh produce and ingredients straight from the garden (I am so jealous of that). When she gave me two huge, homegrown zucchinis recently – my first thought was my boys saying to me in unison “Not steamed zucchini again mum??” Then the light bulb moment came to me! I’m going to make us some easy Zucchini Fritters. Continue reading

Coconut Mushroom Curry

Coconut Mushroom Curry

I love mushrooms. Yep, I can eat them every day – any which way – raw on a salad, in soup, creamed, stuffed or pan fried with a little onion, garlic, salt and chili…. If you are also a fan of this fungus, you my friend will LOVE this Coconut Mushroom Curry too. Continue reading

Baked Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese

This Baked Cauliflower Cheese recipe brings back so many childhood memories. My mum used to cook it on a regular basis for our family. Oh how good it was then and oh how good it still is today. Continue reading

Wilted Spinach

Wilted Spinach

Most weeks I usually keep a bag of baby spinach on hand in the fridge, to be used in salads or to stir through curries or other one pot dishes. Despite my good intentions, more often than not, it ends up sitting there, and sitting there – with me forgetting all about it. So, to avoid wastage, I will often rescue the spinach before it’s “had it” and whip up this fast and tasty Wilted Spinach recipe. You don’t have to eat it then and there. You can cook it and then reheat it later to use as a side dish or on toast with a boiled egg. Continue reading

Ginger and Honey Glazed Carrots

Honey Carrots

Sometimes I think I overdo the mountains of carrot and cucumber sticks I feed my children at dinner time – it’s just so easy and I know they like it. This Ginger and Honey Glazed Carrots recipe, a slightly different take on the humble carrot is a good change in our household. Once the chopping is done, the rest is fast and easy and can be gently cooking away in the background while you prepare the rest of your family meal. Continue reading

Easy White Sauce

White Sauce

I use White Sauce (otherwise known as Béchamel Sauce) in my cooking quite frequently. It’s a key ingredient in my Lasagne, Tuna Mornay, Cauliflower Cheese and Chicken pasta bake recipes to name just a few. The beauty about this version of White Sauce is that it is lump free every single time. Continue reading

Tuna Mornay Pasta Bake

Tuna Mornay Pasta Bake

You’d be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t like this Tuna Mornay Pasta Bake. The dish is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the corn, the saltiness of the tuna and the creamy cheesy pasta sauce. It is a match made in kiddie heaven. Continue reading

Healthy Snack Balls

Healthy Snack Balls

For a long time, I have always made those delicious, totally bad for you Chocolate Coconut Balls. You know the ones – made with crushed plain sweet biscuits and sweetened condensed milk? (Actually, you can still find that recipe in my blog under “Sweet Stuff”) …….. BUT ….. Continue reading

Leftover Roast Lamb Bubble & Squeak

Leftover Roast Lamb

We are always left with lots of leftover roast lamb. As cold meat sandwiches just don’t cut it with my boys, the meat usually sits in the fridge getting nibbled on my moi over the next few days (fine by me – yum!). That is, until I made my own version of Bubble & Squeak and stumbled across a winning formula…. Continue reading

Coconut, Pumpkin and Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

This smooth and creamy Coconut, Pumpkin and Carrot soup is a great one to make and keep in the fridge to use for weekend lunches, or as an after school snack or a prelude to your main course. It’s loaded with carrot and pumpkin (well obviously!) so it’s a good way to get some vegetables into the kids. Continue reading