Homemade Meat Pie

Delicious. Homemade. Hearty. Wholesome. Should I go on? Really, isn’t it just the best thing to know exactly what goes into and have complete control over your own Homemade Meat Pie.

This Meat Pie can be made a day ahead to provide a terrific standby meal for those days when you are after a hearty family dinner but don’t have much time to cook. (Got to love a make ahead meal – especially this one). You can even assemble it and freeze it to enjoy another day. (Love a freezer meal even more – like this one and this one).

This is a good recipe to sneak some extra vegetables in for those fussy eaters in your household. Or, serve the pie with some salad on the side for a delicious and well balanced meal.

The recipe make 8 individual pies however you can make one or two larger ones if you prefer. I tend to make different sized pies so you can eat one fresh and then freeze the uncooked pie/s to enjoy another time.

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