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What to cook for dinner tonight? (Free eCookbook)

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What to cook for dinner tonight?

It’s a common question that we ask ourselves all too often.

Night in. Night out. We have to put a meal on the table for the family.

Sometimes we are short on time. Sometimes we are not in the mood. But it still has to be done.

My friends often tell me they are stuck for new ideas about what to cook for dinner. Hence the idea for this eCookbook was born.

I’ve put a collection of delicious, kid friendly meals together that I cook for my family on a regular basis.

I’m always trying new recipes on my family (which is not always appreciated by them – talk about spoilt!). My children have got to the point where they now “rate” my dinners every night. (Talk about pressure!) If a meal makes it in the top 10 then it’s the absolute best in their opinion. Anything over “100” is their way of politely saying, thanks mum but please do NOT ever cook that recipe again….YUK! Only the very best, tried and tested recipes make it onto this blog.

The collection of recipes included in this eCookbook, is the best of the best. In fact there are more than five “Top 10” recipes included here! We enjoy all of these recipes on a regular basis. Every single one is a big hit with my kids – even the vegetable side dishes. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Download a free eCookbook, “What to Cook for Dinner Tonight? 25 Delicious Kid Friendly Recipes”.

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